Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to being Santa...

Spent the last weekend starting off the live appearance schedule for Santa’s Village. I started the year with 200 days slated in the suit for promotions, the spring-summer-fall park calendar, and into the Christmas season 2012. The countdown has begun. (Already have done one photo shoot and a voice over in February…had to shave off the facial hair off this time as a full glue-up was needed. Vacation is over and back to work.) Pictured with me from left to right are Park General Manager Don Holliman, Magician Tim Balster, and Azoosment Park/A Zoo to You Owner Jason Sierpien.

Next month we will be in Santa Claus, Indiana in mid-April for the Santa Claus Workshop I am producing. The response to the event has been much greater than anticipated. We have over 700 Santas from around the world coming to the gathering making it the largest of its kind in North America and perhaps the world.
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