Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Needs don’t stop after Christmas

With Christmas 2011 in the books and folks looking forward to the New Year and beyond, people sometimes forget that the children and adults that so many helped this past season still need help. A person's needs do not get put away with the decorations or tossed aside like a dried up Christmas Tree. The reality of the situation is that after all the “goodwill towards men” is faded away, we go back to our everyday lives…and so do the people in need.

Now don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate all of those who give at this time of year to help those less fortunate than themselves and I imagine that the children, adults, and senior citizens that receive these once a year offerings are appreciative too, but they also know that the “gift” sometimes does not last. And that is a reality of their lives.

If there is anything that being a year-round working Santa Claus has taught me is there is no “one season” to give. Those in this world that struggle, struggle 24/7/365. They face issues everyday of food, warmth, and the need of compassion. Children, adults, and the elderly are sometimes forced into a world of darkness, depression, and despair beyond their control.

With the New Year of 2012 upon us, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions to better themselves. Maybe this year, make a resolution to keep the true Spirit of Christmas alive the entire year. And then strive to better yourself and your community at the same time by keeping this resolution.

When visiting with the many corporations, adults, and children this year, I closed a lot of my speaking engagements and lines of patter with this thought…"and remember that the Spirit of Christmas can live within you not only at Christmas, but the whole year through. Please always love and honor your family and friends, have understanding and be gentle with ALL children, have compassion and respect the elderly, always help those less fortunate than yourself, and be kind to all animals. If you can do these five simple things, from your heart, then Santa will always keep your name in his good book!"

True needs, like the True Spirit of Christmas, knows no season.
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