Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Santa's Village-Gone Wild!

I have been asked to participate and write the forward for a new book on Santa’s Village. After numerous meetings with the author (a former park employee) and getting to know the project first hand, I agreed. Donating my time to this endeavor is important as the author has agreed to donate a portion of the profits of the book to the Make a Wish Foundation.

SANTA'S VILLAGE - GONE WILD! By Christopher Dearman is a revealing look at some of the fun, hilarious & outrageous stories that took place over the five decades Santa's Village in Dundee, IL was open.

Summers spent working at Santa's Village was a right of passage for thousands of high-school kids growing up in the Chicago suburbs. It was to teach responsibility and life lessons, while bridging the gap from adolescence to adulthood in a safe environment.

We can now lift the curtain and show what REALLY went on behind the scenes...

This book will be a window into the past to see some of the coming of age stories that could only happened if you were one of the lucky ones to work at Santa's summertime home.

Note: This book is not being written to hurt or embarrass anyone connected to Santa’s Village in anyway! Our intent is to capture memories of the people that worked at the park and put into perspective what in meant to be part of a Chicagoland summer tradition. Stories will be verified for context and content. This is a fun book, about a fun place and the fun people that worked there. As with all places that employ teenagers, there were shenanigans that went unnoticed by the management, and thus the name: SANTAS VILLAGE GONE WILD!

For more information on this upcoming book visit www.santasvillagegonewild.com
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